About Our Coaching and Consulting

Executive leaders and physicians are confronted with a complex and continuously changing healthcare environment. The challenges in this environment require new levels of leadership effectiveness and capacity for managing change.

Our approach to coaching and consulting will assist you in seeing yourself and your organization more fully, how you engage those around you, and where there are opportunities for growth. Our philosophy is grounded in Adult Stage Development theories. We believe leaders who lead from the inside out consciously create successful organizations where people thrive and feel valued for their contributions.

Organizations capitalizing on complexity are led by leaders who are adaptive and stable, self-assured and humble, strategic and flexible, innately creative and open to growth. Leaders who have the ability to supplement their problem solving skills with both/and thinking to manage polarities (also known as tension and dilemmas) out perform those who do not.

We will help you grow your leadership capacity for creativity, collaboration, and connection.

Creativity Selected as Most Crucial Factor for Future Success


What Our Clients Say

“Oftentimes it is hard to justify and validate investing in individual growth and development.  However, with the rapid pace of change in healthcare, and a demand for leadership skills and behaviors that are truly dynamic, it is imperative that you recognize and invest in the individual leaders within the organization because stronger and competent individual leaders lead to stronger and competent organizations. I had three goals when I started my coaching sessions. I wanted to gain confidence in speaking and interacting in a public setting. I wanted help in recognizing where I was functioning at an executive level and where I had opportunities for growth.  Finally, I needed tools and skill development in sustainability and the hardwiring of change within a large organization.  At the conclusion of my sessions, I not only accomplished my goals, I also learned to appreciate the leader I was and I was able to clearly see the leader I wanted and needed to be and how to align that leader with my purpose and core beliefs.  Danine was invaluable to me and allowed me to speak frankly and confidently, in a safe environment, and in a way that allowed personal insight.”

Associate Vice President